British researcher calls out Indian Minister for the persecution of Muslims in his country

A British researcher called out and embarrassed the Minister of Education of one of the Indian states – affiliated with the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi – during a speech in the capital, London, because of the hatred against Muslims in his country.
Minister Ashwas Narayan, Minister of Education of the Indian state of Karnataka, found himself in a dilemma when Albana Wilson, a British activist and researcher at the University of London, confronted him, while talking about the values ​​of freedom and justice maintained by educational institutions in his country, with racist practices against Muslims, especially girls who were prevented from attending state schools.
During the past hours, Indian social media platforms circulated a number of videos documenting the incident, where the researcher appeared in one of them saying: “You talked about equality and cultural inclusion as being at the heart of your educational policies, and I just wonder if this contradicts what is actually happening with minorities, especially women in marginalized societies.
The British researcher also shed light on the Indian teachers who were forced to take off their headscarves in front of the school gates in humiliating scenes circulated on the platforms during the veil crisis.
Wilson concluded her speech to the minister by saying: “We saw an educational institution used as a weapons training camp by the Bajrang Dal group, and Bajrang Dal is a violent extremist organization responsible for many indiscriminate killings of Muslims, Christians and Dalits.”
For their part, a large number of activists interacted with the scenes of the confrontation between the activist and the Indian minister, as the Indian activist Saiyama praised the British researcher and wrote on Twitter: “Thank you for raising those lies that reflect what is happening in a society that always describes itself as “educated”, but what happens in Karnataka always proves the opposite of what people in this community say.”

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