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“Who is Hussein?” charity distributes food baskets in Tanzania, Lebanon

The UK-based “Who is Hussein?” charity has carried out a food distribution campaign in Tanzania and Lebanon to provide hundreds of families with essential substances.

The charity said on its official Facebook account: “The Dar es Salaam team distributed food baskets with support from generous donors, this year’s endeavour reached new heights, providing essential sustenance to 570 families across various communities.”

It added: “In Lebanon, our team distributed food boxes to 200 families (500 people) ensuring that nobody goes to bed hungry. They also provided 100 clothing vouchers for children from underprivileged families, allowing them to pick their outfits.”

Drawing inspiration from the enduring legacy of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, renowned for his selflessness and devotion to serving humanity, the charity’s volunteers said that they are committed to sparing no effort in ensuring that their actions echoed his noble example.

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