Eric Zemmour attacks Arab and Muslim refugees

The French presidential candidate, the far-right Eric Zemmour, said that he “welcomes the white Christian immigrants from Ukraine, unlike the Arab and Muslim immigrants who are far from us,” as he put it.
In a television interview with the French channel BFMTV, Zammour was asked: “Do you say yes to the white Christian immigrants, and no to the Arab-Muslim immigrants?” He answered: “Of course yes, and clearly.”
When the announcer confronted him, saying that “the suffering is one,” he replied, “Yes, humanity is one and everything is one, we are all human beings, but what I say is that some people are close to us and others are far.”
He continued, “What we are witnessing today, and everyone has come to understand, is that Arab and Muslim immigrants are far from us, which leads to the difficulty of their integration and education in our societies, meaning that we are closer to Christian Europeans.”

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