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Muslims: the Largest Absentee Group in Indian Elections

As India begins its parliamentary elections, some international media outlets have noted that Muslims are the primary absentees from these elections.

Al Jazeera reports that despite Muslims constituting approximately 15% of India’s billion-strong population, their demands, interests, and grievances are conspicuously absent from the election discourse.

The Indian parliamentary elections, the world’s largest, began on Friday, 19th April, where millions of citizens will choose their government for the next five years.

As reported by The Associated Press, these elections will span six weeks, during which over 10% of the Earth’s population, totaling 970 million, will vote across 21 states in India.

However, with a population exceeding 200 million, Muslims, who make up 15% of India’s population, are the largest absentee group in the current Indian elections, with no discussion of their demands, interests, or grievances being raised.

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