Youssef Qaradhawi, known as spiritual leader of Muslim Brotherhood, dies in Qatar

On Monday, Youssef Qaradhawi, a well-known figure and one of the radical Sunni leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, died.

The official page of Youssef Qaradhawi announced the death of the founder and former head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars at the age of 96.

  Al-Qaradhawi was born in 1926 in the village of “Saft Trab” located in the Gharbia Governorate in Egypt, but he lived in Qatar for nearly forty years of his life until his death.

In the last two decades of his life, he took strong positions against the Shias several times, which was criticized by many figures of the Islamic world and Shias.

He was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and one of its famous leaders. He was known as the spiritual leader of this group. He was also offered to lead the Brotherhood many times, but he refused.

Soon, the Qatari news channel Al-Jazeera and many media outlets in the Arab world reported on the death of Al-Qaradhawi and had a wide influence.

Al-Qaradhawi is considered one of the most prominent sheikhs of the Arab world, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, and his harsh and anti-Shia stances at various times have not been and will never be forgotten.

Al-Qaradhawi once severely criticized the Shias, considering them worse than the infidels and the Jews.

He was very concerned about the growing influence, power, and presence of the Shias in the region, which made him these comments.

On the other hand, some media outlets published the news of his son’s insight into the Shias, which increased his anger and resentment.

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