Protests in Nepal denouncing the violations against Uighur Muslims

A group of Nepalese Muslims organized protests march to denounce China’s violations against Uighur Muslims, in the East Turkestan region.
According to press reports, a group of Nepalese Muslims gathered in the city of Pokhara, in a protest march to condemn China’s violations against Uighur Muslims in the East Turkestan region, and demanded justice for the Uighurs.
The sources added, that the demonstrators expressed their concern about what Uighur Muslims are exposed to at the hands of the Beijing authorities, as they confirmed their continued condemnation of China’s practices towards the Muslim minority.
It is noteworthy that China has controlled the East Turkestan region since 1949, which is the home of the Turkish Muslim Uighur minority, and it is called Xinjiang, meaning the new border.

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