“Foreign Policy” magazine publishes article criticizing Taliban extreme school curriculum

The “Foreign Police” magazine has published a new article in which it criticized the current education system under the leadership of Taliban.

The author of the article published on Wednesday, Lynne O’Donnell, said that the extreme curriculum used in Afghanistan teaches children how to hate, not how to think.

O’Donnell strongly criticized the terrorist movement’s attempts to inculcate toxic and extreme thoughts into children, instead of educating and developing their skills, and she also highlighted the educational bans imposed on girls.

The writer said that, “Most of the schools, under the supervision of Taliban, teach how to use Kalashnikovs and suicide bombings.”

It should be mentioned that Taliban, since returning to power in August 2021, has banned girls from pursuing their education, and only allowed boys to go to schools.

This decision angered the local and international human rights organizations, who demanded the Taliban to reopen schools for girls.

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