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Statistical report: Muslims are victims of 45% of terrorist operations in Britain

The latest statistical report issued in the United Kingdom on the extent of hate attacks against Muslims has sparked a lot of discussions between mosque officials and managers of Islamic centers across the United Kingdom.

The report revealed, for the first time, the exact number of terrorist attacks against Muslims during the past year, thus making it the first accurate official data on the extent of attacks against Muslims in Britain.

The report indicated that 45% of religious hate attacks that occurred last year were directed against Muslims, and a few days before the issuance of this statistical report, the British government announced a program to fund ways to protect mosques and Islamic centers in Britain, estimated at 24.5 million pounds, in order to contribute from them. In putting in place all necessary security measures and measures to protect these mosques and religious centers.

A number of officials of religious centers and mosques in London and religious leaders in an “Al Sharq” poll praised the statistical report, calling on the British government to take more measures and programs to protect Muslims.

Dr. Daoud Abdullah, director of the British Middle East Monitor (MEMO), said that this report is the latest in a long list of similar investigations that reveal the entrenched nature of Islamophobia in Britain.

He stressed the need for urgent intervention by the British government to protect mosques and ensure the ability of Muslims to worship freely without fear or obstacles, noting that unfortunately, the ruling party is affected by Islamophobia from top to bottom, which makes this scourge continue in British society,

Dr Daoud Abdullah added: “It is unfortunate that although the Muslim community is the second largest religious group in the UK, the government provides less money to secure mosques than it does for the security of smaller religious groups in the country.”

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