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UK-based Imam Hussein Charity provides struggling Afghan families with coal to keep them warm during the winter season

The UK-based Imam Hussein Charity (IHC) is helping struggling families in Herat, Afghanistan by providing coal for them to stay warm this winter season.

Winters in Afghanistan can be extremely harsh, with temperatures dropping to -25 degrees, sometimes even lower. The season brings heavy snowfall, though this can vary depending on location and altitude.

The extreme weather conditions make winter in Afghanistan very difficult for families, and compound existing challenges they face. Heavy snowfall isolates remote communities from urban centers for months at a time, creating difficulties for people in such communities to access basic services.

At least 70 people and tens of thousands of cattle have died due to freezing temperatures since the start of this year in Afghanistan, the country’s Ministry of Disaster Management confirmed.

It is Afghanistan’s second winter under the rule of Taliban, whilst the country is also in the midst of humanitarian crisis, with more than half of the population of 38 million facing food shortages.

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