English NGO CAGE accuses France of “spreading terror” against Muslims

The Muslim rights organization, CAGE released a report titled ‘We Begin to Spread Terror: The State-Sponsored Persecution of Muslims in France’ which covers in detail what it describes as “unprecedented repression against Islam and Muslims in France under the government of Emmanuel Macron.”

The report, published in English and French, is intended to draw attention to the policy of systematic obstruction practiced by Emanuel Macron.

“This policy is the basis of what we identify as a persecution of Muslims in France, in accordance with the international law definition of the term,” specifies the report.

Without concession to the policy of the French government, CAGE assures that this repression is a “form of maximum pressure policing in which almost exclusively Muslim institutions are systematically controlled, monitored, investigated and punished for minor infractions.”

The report also recalls the hundreds of establishments, including mosques and Muslim schools that have been closed and that others are under investigation. The authors of the report accuse the French State of what they consider “as a state-sponsored extortion of millions of euros.”

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