Terror and starvation besiege the Hazara Shias in Afghanistan

Shias in Afghanistan live under the threat of terrorism, starvation and deliberate marginalization due to the policies of the Taliban regime.
The Taliban movement, which claims to have restored Islamic law to Afghanistan, implements a clear policy of discrimination and marginalization against Shias in all parts of the country, especially in cities with a Shia majority known as Hazara.
The movement prevents them from working in government centers, and restricts them from working in agriculture, which is one of the most important sources of livelihood in the country.
An Islamic seminary student coming from Afghanistan said in a press interview, that the Taliban group claims to provide security and stability for the people of Afghanistan, but for non-Shias.

From time to time, different cities witness explosions and terrorist attacks with bombs and machine guns, causing numerous casualties. Then, the Taliban points fingers at ISIS, claiming that they were behind these attacks, although the terrorist organization was active in cooperation and coordination with Taliban in conducting military operations during the presence of the American forces and carried out armed attacks targeting primarily government centers and security institutions, in addition to Shia mosques and schools.
The student, Ansari, also pointed out that the Shias face organized starvation through policies of starvation, siege and deprivation of all forms of work and development in various parts of the country, in light of a significant increase in the prices of basic materials.

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