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The Supreme Council of Shias in Pakistan: We will continue protesting against the heinous crime of the demolition of al-Baqi

The Supreme Council of the Shias in Pakistan called on Muslims all over the world to continue their demands for the rebuilding of the holy graves in Jannat al-Baqi al-Gharqad, explaining that those who are silent on this crime will be punished just like the oppressors who oppressed the noble Prophet and his pure family, peace be upon them.
A statement by the council issued on the occasion of International Baqi Day –received by Shia Waves – indicated that “all Muslims should not remain in their slumber and demand the rebuilding of the pure graves in Jannat al-Baqi, just like the rest of the non-Islamic landmarks and shrines.”
It added, “The peace claimants believe that non-Islamic temples are more expensive than Islamic temples, and for this reason they are protected and declared world heritage while the symbols of Islamic heritage are being crushed.”
The statement stressed, “The time has now come for us to become one voice against those terrorists who commit desecration of shrines in the Islamic world,” stressing that “if the Islamic nation raised its voice against the desecration of al-Baqi today, the devil terrorists would not dare to insult the shrines of Islam in any part of the world.”
He explained that “the only way for us to rise and restore our rights as Muslims is to restore the dignity of all the holy places that were destroyed on the land of Hijaz from the graves of Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, and everything related to the prophetic era,” pointing out that ” Shia Muslims in Pakistan will continue their peaceful protest against the desecration of the pure graves of al-Baqi.

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