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-Azhar’s symposium entitled ‘Shiism and How to Confront It’ rages global human rights

In the time where Ahlul-bayt followers around the world are defending the real face of Islam with their selves and everything they own, fighting terrorism ideas and acts in various cities of the world and promoting peaceful coexistence among different nationalities, religions and sects, al-Azhar has held a symposium entitled “Shiism and How to Confront It,” in Cairo sponsored by Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb with the presence of researchers and intellectuals.

The symposium aims, according to its title, stand against the Shiite expansion, which has become more common.

A number of human rights and humanitarian organizations expressed their shock of Al-Azhar Institution leaving the battle against the takfiri ideology, the one wreaking havoc in Egypt as well as other countries across the world and devoting themselves to holding a symposium that publicly calls to hatred and hostility towards Shia Muslims. Many organizations including Shiite Rights Watch and Imam Shirazi World Foundation have condemned this project, especially since the Islamic nation is undergoing a critical period as the outbreak of terrorism, hostility and hatred have reached dangerous stages, considering Egypt and other countries victims of this since decades.

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