Nonviolence Organization releases message on World Day of Tolerance

The World Nonviolence Organization (Freemuslim), warned on Saturday of the serious decline in global security and peace due to ongoing wars and armed conflict in the world.

The organization said in its message, released on the International Day of Tolerance, that “the International Day of Tolerance comes amid an unprecedented wave of violence, painful feelings of extremism, and a major failure to adhere to the decisions of international legitimacy and agreed-upon laws that have been drawn up for a decent life that man enjoys.”

It continued, “Feelings of intolerance and manifestations of armed conflict are sweeping more than one region, and the fear of a serious decline in the security and peace of the world is growing due to the ongoing wars.”

The Freemuslim added that “those risks are reinforced by the unprecedented alignments of political systems and their direct and indirect encouragement of violence and conflicts, away from their legal, ethical, and humanitarian obligations.”

It pointed out that “the war in Ukraine and Palestine, and the acts of indirect violence that accompanied them, undoubtedly record a costly international failure, and a serious threat, in the light of the escalation of physical and moral violence, behind which stand agendas for narrow interests that lack human principles.”

The organization called for the need to stop the Ukrainian war and the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and to work on negotiating solutions instead of fighting, and to prioritize tolerance over extremism and intolerance.

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