European countries legalizing Islamophobia, limiting religious practices of Muslims, says expert

Countries in Europe are allowing hate crimes against Muslims by legalizing Islamophobia, and introducing laws which are banning or limiting their religious practices, according to an expert, Anadolu Agency reported.

Enes Bayrakli, a professor at the Istanbul-based Turkish-German University, said that, “Each year, we see a new country come up with a new plan, with a new law, or a party in Europe to ban something, a religious practice of Muslims.”

Bayrakli added, “This can be minaret ban, mosque ban, hijab ban, or burka ban. These kinds of regulations are being materialized each year and it is becoming more and more normal in Europe.”

The co-editor of an annual report termed European Islamophobia Report, Bayrakli also shared highlights from the upcoming 2022 report, noting that three countries emerged as the most vulnerable ones for Muslims in 2022. “Three countries are on the forefront — France, Austria, and Denmark.

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