The British capital witnesses a massive Arbaeen walk

On Sunday, the residents of the British capital, London, lived in an atmosphere similar to Karbala, as it witnessed the emergence of the largest walk of the Shia communities residing in it, during which they commemorated the Arbaeen of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.
The mourning procession, according to what was reported by our correspondent in London, was attended by dozens of Ahlulbayt lovers, amid security and health measures provided by the local government, as well as coverage by the British media.
Shia Waves correspondent said, “The walk was held by Shia Muslims in Britain, as an expression of their love for the Master of Martyrs, peace be upon him, and in glorification of the principles of his eternal human revolution,” adding that “the mourning procession created a beautiful atmosphere, similar to Karbala.”
He pointed out that “the event raised the astonishment of the Londoners, and they asked many questions about the event, while others joined the mourners in the walk.”

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