After the calls of Hindu leaders to exterminate Muslims, US organization calls for an end to Islamophobia in India

The Council on American-Islamic Relations called on the US government to work to combat Islamophobia in India, after Hindu leaders called for the extermination of Muslims.
The council, which is the largest organization defending the rights of Muslims in America, said that the clear incitement to the genocide of Muslims in India by extremist figures linked to the government of “Narendra Modi” needs the US Congress to appoint a special representative to combat Islamophobia in India.
Edward Ahmed Michel, one of the council members, said in a statement that this explicit incitement to genocide needs a response from Congress.
He added, that the Council on American-Islamic Relations has condemned the removal of India from the list of “countries of concern” issued by the US State Department.
A few days ago, he called the leaders of the Hindu extremist groups in India to work on the ethnic and religious liquidation of minorities, especially the liquidation of 200 million Muslims in India, where the Secretary General of the Mahasabha Party, Sadhu Annapurna, had called for the extermination of Muslims in India.

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