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Campaign of arrests of 14 citizens in Bahrain

The Bahraini forces launched a massive campaign of arrests on the town of Sanabis, which resulted in dozens of house raids and the arrest of at least 14 citizens, without knowing the reasons for the campaign.
Pictures posted on social media showed the aftermath of the raids, which were carried out by the security forces.
Bahraini sources confirmed that the authorities arrested: Alaa Hamid Al-Sami, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Syed Hussein Amin, Muhammad Hamid, Syed Muhammad Jassim, Abdullah Karimi, Ali Mahdi, Ahmed Mahdi, Hassan Al-Sufi, Ali Hantoush, Hassan Al-Barshim, Hassan Al-Mushaima, Hassan Ali Ibrahim and Muhammad Mahdi.
Since 2011, the authorities have been carrying out unlawful raids that have resulted in the arrest of dozens of citizens, who are forced to make confessions under duress that will be the basis for their subsequent trial, according to what human rights organizations confirm.

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