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MEE: The UAE is a police state that pursues surveillance and repression

The Middle East Eye website said that the UAE is a police state that pursues surveillance and repression, in a report on the occasion of Abu Dhabi’s celebration of the 49th anniversary of the founding of the state.
The website stated that the UAE regime relies on promoting the state to cover up the state’s police reality and effectively criminalize freedom of opinion, expression and association.
The British website highlighted that not only internal persecution is what should spoil the forty-ninth national day of the UAE, but also include years of slaughtering Yemeni civilians and committing crimes against them.
In a 2006 article titled “Fear and Money in Dubai,” American historian and urban theorist Mike Davis described the UAE as the epitome of “horrific luxuries.”
Davis wrote at the time that Dubai had become “a huge circuit board in which an elite of multinational engineering firms and retail developers are invited to deliver high-tech clusters, entertainment areas, artificial islands and snowy mountains with a glass dome.”

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