Algeria: France used Muslim bones to make soap and sugar

The Algerian government said that during the colonial period, France transferred Muslim bones to its lands for use in the manufacture of soap and sugar.
The International Nonviolence Organization, Free Muslim, quoted the advisor to the Algerian president Abdelmajid Sheikhi, as saying, “Algeria was a real field of experiences for the brutal practices during the French colonial period, all of which are documented in the archive.”
Sheikhi added that all of this would “distort the reputation of France and the image it is trying to promote as a civilized country based on democracy and respect for human rights, which has prompted it, in many cases, to block archive doors even in front of researchers.”
He continued, “After France committed its massacres in Algeria, many of the bones of the Algerians who were killed were transferred to Marseille to be used in making soap and filtering sugar.”

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