Quranic center launched in Brunei


A Quran teaching center was opened in Brunei at the beginning of 2019. 

According to the Borneo Bulletin, NADI Quranic Learning Centre Kilanas (NQLC Kilanas) was officially opened on January 1 at the Mim-Nun Kaya Complex in Bebatik Kilanas.

Manager of NQLC Kilanas Ashanol Muhyiddin, who officiated the event, said the NQLC Kilanas is an Al-Quran learning center that uses a system of unique and effective teaching for those who wish to learn and read Al-Quran with Al-Baghdadi techniques of Malaysia.

The technique employs all elements of teaching senses, namely audio, visual and movement.

“Our vision with this learning center is that it will provide opportunities for Muslims in this village and its surroundings to learn Al-Quran,” he said.

The learning center offers services to those from the age of six to senior citizens.

The classes offered are Tauhid to learn basic letters with unique techniques, and Tajweed to learn the basics of reading and Hukum Tajweed in a simple and easy way as well as Talaqqi to improve the reading of Al-Quran with a teacher through the use of neuro nadi techniques.


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