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UK-based “Who is Hussein?” charity launches awareness campaigns in various countries

The UK-based “Who is Hussein?” charity announced today that it has launched a series of awareness campaigns aimed at treating sick children, especially those from poor backgrounds, in several Arab and foreign countries.

The organization said a statement published on its official website and followed by Shia Waves Agency that “its volunteer teams around the world have made significant efforts to treat hundreds of children suffering from blood diseases, heart conditions, and tumors, in order to secure the necessary treatment for them.”

“These medical and awareness initiatives stem from its humanitarian message inspired by the message of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, and the great sacrifices he made,” the organization continued.

It explained that “the medical initiatives have included a large number of Arab and foreign countries, especially in poor cities and remote villages, where families struggle to provide treatment for their children due to poor health conditions.”

The organization emphasized that “reflecting on the impact of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, and his humanitarian uprising as a source of hope amidst injustice and oppression, urges us to provide more assistance, in honor of our eternal Imam and embodiment of his principles of justice and mercy.”

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