SRW calls Saudi authorities to rationality and justice in judgement



Shia Rights Watch International Organization, SRW, called on the Saudi authorities to rationality and justice in their judgement, stressing the need to re-consider the kingdom's recent unjust verdicts.

the statement of the organization said that "SRW has received the news of the death sentence of four dissidents accused of organizing a political party inside Saudi Arabia, considering that the authorities' action against its citizens is a serious violation of all international conventions, as well as a blatant violation of the teachings of Islam, which calls for freedom of expression and non-coercion of people to adopt a belief or thought contrary to others."

According to the official Saudi sources, the Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh has issued a preliminary ruling on the execution of four Saudis accused of communicating with foreign countries against Saudi interests, without taking into consideration that the mechanism of investigation and confessions in the Saudi security services do not respect human rights and violate the legal considerations of the accused of any opposition political activity ".

SRW stressed on "The need to re-consider the kingdom's recent unfair judgments, pointing out to the policy of execution and physical liquidation of Shia activists will not help the state and will contribute to widening the schism between the state and the Shia Muslim communities inside the country."



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