Imam Ali Holy Shrine restores old window inside holy shrine

As part of its efforts to preserve the historic and architectural features and landmarks of Imam Ali Holy Shrine, a specialized team has begun maintaining and restoring an ancient window in the holy shrine.

Zeid al-Mashhadi, head of the gold workshop, explained that “the Mizab al-Dhahab Window is located on the southern side of the holy shrine, from the entrance of the women’s section.”

He added that “the maintenance and restoration work took 30 days, and the work stages included maintenance of the window, nickel plating and glazed material, and assembling it on the wooden frame in the final form before re-installation.”

It is worth noting that the height of the Mizab al-Dhahabiwan is ten and a half meters and six meters wide, and its depth is about 3.25 meters.

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