UN asked to help Muslims help build mosque in South Korea’s Daegu

A civic group has filed petition to UN as South Korea’s Daegu locals continue to oppose construction of mosque.

A local civic group supporting Muslims who are facing vehement backlash from local residents in Daegu after trying to build a mosque there announced on Monday that they submitted a petition to the United Nations requesting emergency relief.

The Task Force for a Peaceful Resolution of the Mosque Problem told the press in a statement that they turned in the petition to the UN special rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief last Thursday and was subsequently informed by the UN that the petition was received.

The group said it was expecting a response within the next two months.

The activists slammed the central government, Daegu Metropolitan Government and Daegu’s Buk District Office for turning a blind eye to the situation, arguing that their indifference was in and itself a serious violation of human rights.

Residents filed strings of complaints with the Buk District Office, leading the district office to halt construction.

The case went to court, and after a long legal battle, the Supreme Court finally ruled against the residents last September.

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