Bangladesh witnesses launch of Husseini mourning ceremonies

The Bangladeshi online newspaper, Barta24, reported the launch of the special mourning ceremonies for the holy month of Muharram and the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, at the eternal battle of Karbala.

 The newspaper said in a report, “The Mosque of Al-Falah Association in the city of Chittagong has held Husseini mourning ceremonies since Monday, 1 August.” 

 The report added that “the second day of these mourning ceremonies witnessed the presence of the Bangladeshi Minister of Information and the Secretary-General of the Awami Islamic League, Mohammed Hassan Mahmoud.”

The newspaper quoted the guest minister as confirming that “the right place for the tyrant Yazid bin Muawiyah is in ‘the prison of history’ because of his hostile stance towards the family of the Messenger (peace be upon them all), indicating that “Karbala means not submitting to injustice and slander.”

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