The Shia community in St. Mary, Alaska, to commemorate the Arbaeen with a massive mourning procession

The Shias of the Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them) in the city of St. Mary, located in the US state of Alaska, are preparing to participate in the annual Husseini march on the Arbaeen anniversary of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).

The organizers of the event said in a brief statement, which was followed by (the Shiite News Agency): “The annual Husseini procession commemorating the Arbaeen of the Master of Martyrs (peace be upon him) will start on the evening of next Saturday, corresponding to the 20th of Safar, with the participation of large crowds of mourners.”

They added that “the march begins from the Imam al-Redha Mosque, located in the Al-Raya area, north of the city of Saint Mary, after the Maghrib prayer on Saturday (September 17).”

They explained that “the march includes religious and mourning activities, as it begins with the recitation of verses from the Noble Quran, and then the recitation of the special supplication of Arbaeen, followed by the establishment of a mourning ceremony in English, and a second ceremony in Arabic, as well as dinner for the participants.”

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