US police severely beat Muslim boy in Illinois

Activists shared a video on social media platforms of Illinois policemen severely beating a Muslim boy on a street in Oak Lawn.

According to the sources, the young man is currently lying in an unstable condition in a hospital in the city after he suffered a broken nose and bruises on his face, right arm and back with internal bleeding near his brain and forehead.

Hadi Abu Taleh, 17, appears in the video, with two policemen sitting on top of him, taking turns beating him.

The police claimed that Abu Taleh was armed with a semi-automatic pistol, something they noticed while “he was stopped by traffic”, and that the teenager did not respond to the officers who ordered him to stop, and when he grabbed his bag and tried to open it, the officers prevented him from picking up the pistol.

The Oak Lawn Police Department reported that the teen refused to listen to verbal orders, which led to a physical confrontation with two officers.

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