Pew Research Center: Racism in the United States is worse than the rest of the world

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center revealed that the world believes that racial and ethnic discrimination within the United States is worse than any other country, and it constitutes a serious problem exacerbating there.
The study showed that the majority of adults in 14 major countries see discrimination based on race or gender as a moderately serious or very serious problem in their community, including about three quarters or more of the study sample in Italy, France, Sweden, Germany and the United States, while in Japan, Singapore and Taiwan less than half say such discrimination is a serious problem.
With large majorities in these places seeing racial and ethnic discrimination as a serious problem in their countries, 89 percent across 16 non-Americans surveyed find racial discrimination worse in the United States, including nine out of ten. At least people in New Zealand, South Korea, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.
It continued, that 80 percent of women see discrimination against people on the basis of race as a serious problem in the United States, compared to 68 percent of men.

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