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Analytical article reveals what is under Ibn Taymiyyah’s turban

An analytical article published by the Nigerian website (HumAngle Media), on Friday, acknowledged that the extremist fatwas of Ibn Taymiyyah are the first reason for the emergence of the takfiri terrorist groups that plague Islamic countries and the world.

The article, which was published by writer and journalist (Aliu Dahiru) in English, indicated that “the terrorists cite in their publications and propaganda materials Ibn Taymiyyah’s takfiri and extremist ideas in an attempt to justify violence against others.”

He explained that “Ibn Taymiyyah, the puritanical and takfiri Syrian scholar, left hundreds of controversial books and fatwas that incite violence and excommunicate others from those who violate his extremist faith.”

Dahiru continued, “Ibn Taymiyyah issued takfiri fatwas against Muslim scholars who opposed him, and incited the killing of Shias, describing them as apostates.”

The writer pointed out that in Nigeria, for example, “the Boko Haram terrorist movement relied on the ideas of Ibn Taymiyyah and his fatwas to launch its terrorist attacks on civilians and innocent people, and the same is the case with the terrorist organizations (ISIS and Al Qaeda).”

In his analysis, the writer concluded that “Ibn Taymiyyah is the spiritual father of the takfiri and terrorist movements, and his influence is still clear on their jihadist activities.”

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