Rising temperatures will force billions of people out of “climate niche”, new study warns

The journal “Nature Sustainability” has published a new study in which it warned that if global warning is not dealt with more seriously, it will force billions of people out of the “climate niche”.

The authors of the study, published on Monday, said that the world is on track for 2.7C of heating with current action plans and this would mean 2 billion people experiencing average annual temperatures above 29C by 2030, a level at which very few communities have lived in the past.

The study said that while less than 1% of the global population is now exposed to dangerous heat, with average temperatures of 29 degrees Celsius or above, climate change has already forced over 600 million people outside the climate niche.

It should be mentioned that scientists have long warned that warming beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius could lead to catastrophic and potentially irreversible changes.

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