Preparations for the opening of Imam Hussein Mosque in Cairo during the great month of Ramadan

Egyptian volunteers organized a sterilization and cleaning campaign for the Imam Hussein Mosque in the Egyptian capital Cairo, in preparation for its opening during the great month of Ramadan.
“One of the companies specialized in medical sterilization carried out a volunteer campaign to sterilize and clean Imam Hussein Mosque, in preparation for the blessed month of Ramadan,” Sheikh Khaled Khader, director of the Cairo Endowments Directorate, said in a press statement followed by Shia Waves.
He added, “This campaign comes in light of the Ministry of Endowment’s concern of the places of worship, and its contribution to preserving the human soul and curbing the spread of the Corona virus.”
Khader pointed out that “the ministry has a plan to open 102 new mosques.”

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