Hundreds of Muslim Pilgrims Die During Haj Amid Extreme Heat

Hundreds of deaths have been reported among the Muslim pilgrims performing the annual Haj rites in Holy Mecca, Reuters reported citing its own sources of diplomats and officials.

At least 550 people have died so far, with the majority being Egyptian nationals who succumbed to heat-related illnesses, the news agency noted.

Scorching temperatures as high as 51.8°C (125.2°F) have been recorded at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, exacerbating the dangers faced by the millions of pilgrims.

In addition to the Egyptian casualties, dozens of deaths have been reported among pilgrims from other countries, including Tunisia, Jordan, Iran, and Senegal.

Experts warn that rising global temperatures due to climate change will increasingly threaten the safety of those undertaking the Haj in the coming years.

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