Grand Mosque of Kufa: The conclusion of the eighth Quranic competition for students of Iraqi universities

The Grand Kufa Mosque in the city of Najaf hosted the activities of the eighth Quranic competition in memorization and recitation for Iraqi university students, which witnessed wide participation from all provinces, and revealed promising Quranic talents among the competing students.

The National Quranic Competition was held in honor of the birth anniversary of Lady Zainab Al-Hawraa (peace be upon her), and with the participation of students from 45 public and private universities.

The media and public relations official at the Grand Mosque, Zulfiqar al-Haidari, said in an interview with Shia Waves News Agency: “The activities of the Quranic competition were held over two consecutive days, and invitations were sent to 45 public and private universities in all Iraqi provinces.”

He explained that “the aim of holding Quranic competitions is to gather students at the table of the Holy Quran and to consolidate the university youth’s relationship with the Holy Book of God.”

Al-Haidari added, “An arbitration committee specialized in the Quranic field, headed by Holy Quran experts in the Secretariat of the Mosque and specialized university elites from the universities of Baghdad and Tikrit, the holy shrines and the honorable shrines, was formed to evaluate the contestants and their Quranic talents.”

The head of the competition’s arbitration committee, Mr. Adel Al-Yasiri, told our agency: “The competition was distinguished by the participation of university students from various Iraqi provinces, including the universities of the western and northern regions, as well as visiting delegations, academics and researchers.”

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