Pilgrims start their walk from Holy Karbala towards Holy Najaf on Prophet’s martyrdom

Massive numbers of pilgrims from holy Karbala have started their walk towards the holy city of Najaf to commemorate the painful anniversary of the Prophet’s martyrdom; in the holy shrine of the Prophet’s cousin Imam Ali, peace be upon them.

The anniversary is marked on the twenty-eighth of the month of Safar, which has become an annual ritual the people of holy Karbala and other cities commemorate.

The correspondent of Shia Waves News Agency stated that “citizens of the holy city of Karbala, as well as the pilgrims of the Arbaeen, have set out in their mourning walk towards the shrine of the Commander of the Faithful to commemorate the painful tragedy of the Prophet’s martyrdom.”

Service Mawkibs have been set up to provide pilgrims with food, water and other beverages.

The commemoration of this anniversary comes in completion of the Arbaeen Pilgrimage, which highlights the bond between Imam Hussein and his grandfather, the Noble Prophet, peace be upon them.

It is worth mentioning that the journey from Karbala to Najaf on foot takes around three days.

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