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Iraq announces the arrest of 13 terrorists, including a leader of the detachments responsible for the assassination of officers in Baghdad

The Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service announced the arrest of 13 ISIS terrorists, including one of the leaders of the terrorist detachments responsible for assassinating the officers in a sector north of Baghdad.
In a statement received by Shia Waves Agency, the CTS stated that, “In implementation of the new tactic set by the leadership of the Counter-Terrorism Agency, our brave men in our heroic formations carried out a series of qualitative operations whose results were tangible and important on the ground.”
It added, “The heroes launched their first operations in the capital, Baghdad, where 3 ISIS leaders were arrested, one of whom had participated in cowardly and treacherous operations targeting security forces.”
The statement added, “The CTS, in a second operation, also managed to arrest a military leader with a long history of terrorism in Kirkuk.”

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