Daily Session of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi with Scholars, Believers in Holy Qom

One of the people present in the session of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, may Allah prolong his life, asked His Eminence – on Saturday 25 of Thul-Qada, June 25: ” What is meant by the Quranic Verse ‘As for the earth, He spread out as well?”

The Grand Ayatollah answered the question saying: “Noble narrations mention that Allah – Exalted be He – created the land of Kaaba and then spread out and widened the earth from that land. And this day is called ‘Dahw al-Ard’, (the expansion of the land).

The session continued and there were a number of questions put forward by virtuous people which the Grand Ayatollah answered.

Amongst the answers Grand Ayatollah gave were, it is recommendable to perform Asr prayer right after the Duhr; except if the person praying would do recommended prayers and supplications.

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