Egyptian Archaeologist Create Controversy by Denying Story of Prophet Moses Parting Sea

Dr. Wassem El Sisi, an expert on ancient Egyptian affairs, has recently claimed that the Israelites had not been in Egypt in the first place to leave it, and that the story of the parting of the sea by Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, is not true.

Historian Dr. Zahi Abass Hawass has also professed in an interview last week that there is no evidence the Israelites lived in Egypt, and then left it after the sea was parted for them, claiming the accounts to be mere speculations.

In response to the criticism of his controversial statements, he said: “I am a Muslim and I believe in what is stated in the Holy Quran and the holy books about the entry of Moses, Abraham and Joseph into Egypt and then their departure from Egypt, but I say that in the ancient works of Egypt, there are no traces of the prophets of God, and that the works and wall paintings and excavations do not confirm what is said in the holy books.”

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