Afghanistan: Taliban Carries Out Nearly 150 Public Floggings in Less Than 2 months

The Taliban has continued its harsh crackdown on alleged criminal behavior in Afghanistan, carrying out public floggings of nearly 150 people across various provinces over the past 44 days, Amu TV reported yesterday.

According to data collected from statements by the Taliban’s Supreme Court, the punishments were meted out between May 1 and June 4 for crimes such as adultery, theft, running away from home, abuse, and sodomy. The information indicates that 14 of those flogged were women.

The province of Sar-e Pul recorded the highest number of incidents, followed by other regions including Kandahar, Paktika, Ghazni, and Nimroz. On a single day, May 15, the Taliban publicly flogged 63 people, including 14 women, in Sar-e Pul.

The Taliban has defended the floggings as part of their strict interpretation of Sharia law, describing those punished as “alleged criminals.” However, the harsh measures have drawn strong condemnation from Afghan citizens and human rights organizations, who argue the actions violate fundamental human rights.

Legal experts and human rights defenders have criticized the Taliban’s judicial system, asserting it lacks adherence to the rule of law and relies on an incomplete understanding of Islamic teachings. “The Taliban use any means to achieve their goals and do not believe in justice,” said women’s rights activist Maryam Marouf Arwin.

The international community has repeatedly called on the Taliban to form an inclusive government and uphold human rights, but the group has shown little flexibility. The continuation of public floggings and other repressive measures have further strained relations between the Taliban and the global community.

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