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Taliban sends suicide battalion to the borders of Afghanistan

Afghan officials said that the Taliban terrorist movement will deploy a “suicide battalion” of 500 attackers, on the borders of Afghanistan, especially in the neighboring province of Badakhshan with China and Tajikistan.
The deputy governor of the province, Nassar Ahmad Ahmadi, said, “The Taliban has prepared an exclusive battalion of suicide bombers that will be deployed on the borders of Afghanistan, especially in Badakhshan province.”
He explained that the exclusive battalion bears the name “Mansur’s Army”, and it is the same group that carried out suicide attacks in the past in areas controlled by the security forces of the former Afghan government under the US presence.
“If there was no such battalion, defeating America would have been impossible,” Ahmadi said. “These brave men would wear explosive vests and blow up American bases in Afghanistan. These are literally fearless people.”
The deputy governor of the province confirmed that the Taliban had allocated, one week before they took control of the Afghan capital Kabul last August, 500 suicide bombers for special operations, explaining that in addition to the bombing operations in the military bases, the same suicide battalion helped to control the province of Panjshir.
Ahmadi pointed out that the battalion is equipped with all equipment and vehicles and has more privileges than other Taliban fighters.

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