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Taliban Foreign Minister: I don’t know the meaning of human rights

The Foreign Minister of the Taliban government, Amir Khan Mottaki, said that he “does not know the meaning of human rights,” noting that “according to our customs and Sharia, we did not prevent women from engaging in any activity.”
Mottaki claimed in a press conference, “There is a significant security improvement in the country and the security situation is stable throughout the country, and no battles are taking place in it,” calling on “all Afghans who left the country to return.”
He stressed that “it is necessary to provide travel documents for those who want to leave the country or come to it,” calling on workers in the former Ministry of Foreign Affairs to return to their work and Afghanistan’s representatives abroad to stay at their work sites.”
“We welcome the international community’s provision of $1 billion in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan,” he added.
Despite all the promises from the Taliban, the fears do not leave the Afghan people at home and even those outside the country, as a result of the nature of the religious and cultural movement and its suppression of those who disagree with it in opinion, even the violation of sanctity and murder in many cases.

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