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Shia faith-based organization enriches ASU community about AhlulBayet Islamic values

The State Press Agency said that Al-Mahdi Association at Arizona State University (ASU), has succeeded in creating a safe space and educating the ASU community on the teachings and beliefs of Shia Muslims based on the teachings of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them).

In a report translated by Shia Waves Agency, State Press said that “enriching the faith-based community and educating the ASU community about Shia Islamic values are at the forefront of the tasks of the Al-Mahdi Association, an organization created the last semester to create a space for Shia Muslim students.”

It added, “The association was founded by the student (Hajar Rahi), who is studying in the field of molecular biosciences, biotechnology and anthropology, after Corona restrictions eased,” noting that “one of the reasons for establishing this association is the need of many students for the Shia Islamic principles.”

“We started this student club to have a well-known Shiite Muslim presence at ASU, as we wanted to be able to spread the teachings of the pure imams (peace be upon them) who we follow and integrate them more into ASU,” Rahi said.

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