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Washington threatens Taliban if Americans are prevented from leaving Afghanistan

The US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, has threatened the Taliban terrorist movement with a swift and strong response if it prevents US citizens from leaving Afghanistan.
“We assured them clearly that we will respond quickly and forcefully if they prevent our citizens from leaving the country, or if they try to undermine or interfere with our evacuations,” Sullivan said in a press interview.
Sullivan also noted that the US military leadership does not currently believe that they need to increase US forces on the ground in Afghanistan, especially at Kabul airport, but President Joe Biden checks on this issue every day.
The United States is approaching the end of the occupation of its forces in Afghanistan, which it invaded 20 years ago under the pretext of combating the al-Qaeda terrorist organization in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks, coinciding with the Biden administration’s implementation of flights from Kabul Airport to evacuate American, European, and Afghan nationals who cooperated with Washington and its allies over the past years.
While the United States cares about its citizens and threatens the Taliban in order not to harm them, hundreds of thousands of helpless Afghan citizens are trying to flee the country and reach Kabul airport.

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