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International organization calls for an International Shia Day

An international organization concerned with the rights of Shia Muslims around the world called on the United Nations to designate an “International Shia Day”.
A statement by Shia Rights Watch stated that, “The international community commemorates the 16th of October as the International Day of Tolerance, as an occasion devoted to reducing conflicts of various titles, and as a means by which human peoples gather to reduce ongoing conflicts on multiple backgrounds.”
It added, “Extremism in all its forms and the racism that it entails has become a constant danger to all peoples, and one of the main causes of hatred, violence and other acts of hostility were innocent victims in most cases.”
The organization, which is based in the United States of America, pointed out that among those who have been targeted for decades are the Shia Muslims.
“As the international community seeks to revive the concept of tolerance, Shia Rights Watch takes this opportunity to issue a public announcement calling for attention to the suffering of Shias resulting from the absence of intellectual and religious tolerance of some groups that pursue violence.”
On this occasion, the organization called on the United Nations to adopt an international day for Shias, hoping that this would contribute to alleviating their suffering and recognizing their historical grievances,” according to the statement.

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