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US House to vote to repeal Iraq war

The White House announced that it supports repealing a law issued in 2002 that authorized the United States to wage war on Iraq during the era of the former dictatorial regime, which caused hundreds of thousands of martyrs and wounded civilians.
A statement by the US presidency stated that the administration of Democratic President Joe Biden supports repealing the law that authorized the use of force against Iraq and was issued during the era of former President George W. Bush in October 2002, as no US military activities currently taking place rely exclusively on this provision.
The White House added that repealing the law would have a limited impact on ongoing military operations.
The House of Representatives, where Democrats have a majority, is scheduled to vote to repeal the law this week, and the chances of passing the 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force Act are strong.
After the White House announced its support for repealing the law, Democrats were more optimistic about the vote in the Senate, where the majority of them are limited to one vote.
The war on Iraq caused the fall of hundreds of thousands of civilians, and destruction and chaos in various aspects of life, the effects of which are still present.

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