Food insecurity intensifies in Eastern Africa due to climate shocks, WFP reveals

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) on Friday warned of the escalating threat to food security across East Africa due to persistent heavy rains.

The UN body attributes the catastrophe to the extremes of climate change – from no water to too much water, warning that the deluge is reversing the region’s nascent recovery efforts following a prolonged drought less than a year ago.

WFP revealed that the worst is yet to come, with nearly 3 million people affected in East Africa, over 1.2 million of whom have been forced to leave their homes after the relentless downpours.

Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya are grappling with the most severe consequences of this crisis, with Sudan, South Sudan, Burundi, and Uganda also feeling the impact.

The heavy rains, anticipated to persist until early 2024, have raised concerns about the region’s ability to handle the growing humanitarian challenges.

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