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Climate change could lead to food-related civil unrest in UK within 50 years, new study reveals

The Australian research and news outlet, The Conversation, has released a new study examining food shortages stemming from extreme weather events that could potentially lead to civil unrest in the UK within 50 years.

The Melbourne-based newspaper said on its website that “The emptying of supermarket shelves during the COVID pandemic demonstrated the chaos that disruption to the UK’s food supply can provoke. Could this type of disruption have a different cause in the future? And what might the impact on society be?”

It added that “These are the questions we sought to answer in our new study, which involved surveying 58 leading UK food experts spanning academia, policy, charitable organisations and business.

The research agency explained that “according to the findings, shortages of staple carbohydrates like wheat, bread, pasta and cereal appear to be the most likely triggers of such unrest.”

It stressed that “our study emphasises the importance of developing plans to help the UK prepare for, and respond to, the risks associated with food shortages in the future.”

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