World Shirazi Foundation calls for establishing peace, preventing wars

The World Shirazi Foundation stressed on Saturday that what humanity needs most today is peace for all human beings and distance them from wars and armed conflicts.

The Foundation said in a statement received by Shia Waves Agency: “Coinciding with the holding of the UN General Assembly, we witness the International Day of Peace , an occasion adopted to exert efforts of establish peace and security on earth and to end all forms of conflicts.”

It added that “there is a necessity for serious action to stop the war in Ukraine, as well as the recent conflicts and battles in the disputed Karabakh region between Azerbaijan and Armenia.”

The World Shirazi Foundation stressed that “one of the responsibilities of the international community is to take serious action to stop the bloodshed that is taking place, along with the repercussions of those social and economic wars,” noting “the need to return to the recent contemporary history, and reflect on the damage of the two world wars and the destruction and suffering that some countries are still experiencing.”

The Foundation called for “a serious stand stemming from a humanitarian concern for the fate of humanity to be initiated by the great powers and major countries to limit the continuous deterioration of global peace.”

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