World Nonviolence Organization warns of serious consequences of Azerbaijan-Armenia war

The World Nonviolence Organization (Free Muslim) has warned of the serious consequences of the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, expressing its serious concern about the repercussions of the continuation of the war between the two countries at the regional and international levels.

The organization said in a statement received by Shia Waves Agency that “the outbreak of war again between the two countries represents a costly challenge for civilians on both sides of the border, especially as confrontations always lead to innocent people being killed and injured, as well as forced displacements due to military operations.”

Free Muslim pointed out that “the great responsibility lies with the international community to stop the war urgently and immediately, and not to allow its expansion any further,” calling on “all governments and international and humanitarian organizations to act urgently to stop the battles before their expansion by defusing the crisis and putting pressure on the parties to cease hostilities.”

The Nonviolence Organization referred to the disastrous situation the international community is experiencing due to the on-going wars in Eurasia and Africa, as well as the unrest in many countries, stressing the importance of siding with peace and working to spread it by stopping the on-going wars and searching for solutions based on negotiations and peaceful methods to address existing problems.

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