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Shia Rights Watch calls on Shia mourners to take preventive measures against terrorist attacks

The Shia Rights Watch (SRW), a non-profit organization that defends Shia rights around the world, called today Sunday on the organizers of the Husseini rituals and ceremonies across the world to take preventive measures to avoid being targeted by terrorist organizations, or even by repressive regimes.

The International Organization sent a message to all the followers of Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, seen by Shia Waves Agency, which states that “many Shia Muslims are subjected to various targeting operations that violate their religious rights during the organization of the events of Ashura”.

The message added that, “The organizers of the Husseini rituals are directly targeted, whether it is an organized targeting stemming from feelings of hatred or for malicious reasons, most of which are sectarian or political.”

The organization also called on Shia Muslims “to take active precautions to terrorist attacks, as they establish their mourning activities, in coordination with the security authorities.”

The SRW urged Shia Muslims to “communicate with it through its e-mail to report or monitor any violation of their legitimate.”

It also called on Shia communities to “educate their members about their rights and obligations, through printing educational leaflets and introductory books, as well as to open up to Muslim communities and other religions; to introduce and reassure others of the peacefulness and rightness of their religious practices during Ashura.”

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